The Surfers 4 Ecuador Foundation is a Not-For-Profit co-operative that was created to minister education, nature, and the rebuilding of communities affected by natural disaster working in partnership with the organizations, Share Ecuador and a unified surfing community.  


The purpose of Surfers 4 Ecuador is to penetrate the areas most damaged along the Ecuadorian coast of Manabi while revitalizing the joy and spirt within local youth through an energy, mindset and way of life that is exemplified within the sport of surfing.   While harmoniously providing opportunity for local businesses to rebuild and nurture the tourism sector, a vital piece to the coast’s local economy.


This is a pivotal time for the project when residents and kids are still dispersed from their homes and trying to form a normalcy to their daily lives.  We hope the impact will create a spirit that will be everlasting and be a project that continues on after the area’s recovery. 


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Surfers 4 Ecuador will provide the community with a center that offers young people between the ages of eight through nineteen with courses that promote and educate on sustaining the natural environment where they live and in which enriches a life of surf. In return, participants will  receive access to donated surfboards and equipment needed to practice the sport. 


Educational courses that will be provided include: 


-Trash Disposal (Recycling and Composting) 

-Gardening and Agriculture


-Flowers and Animals 




In addition to the school, Surfers 4 Ecuador will provide a physical extension and place for the information taught to have a hands on use through the construction of a sustainable line of surf and boogie boards.  The purpose would be to occupy minds, energy and contribution to rebuilding of the economy through tourism.  Locals will collaborate in a DIY shop where they will build and design boards with local materials from the country. These boards will be used by children of the school, sold for proceeds backs to the coast, and distributed freely to local surf tourism companies in the regeneration of their businesses.


Surfers 4 Ecuador will bring in professional board shapers to teach workshops and volunteer in building out the shop.  Members of the co-op will have full access to boards onsite at anytime. 




We are a group of friends who share the desire to help our brothers and sisters on the coast who were tragically effected by the earthquake. We are motivated by our love for surfing and the allure of the ocean. We understand the importance of sharing this with others and giving back to those who have a deep elemental passion and connection. We are certain of the potential benefits this will provide the economy and to benefit the overall quality of life for the inhabitants of the coastal areas of Manabi.  We look forward to nurturing the youth’s connection with nature through surf to achieve a change of consciousness and healthier lifestyle. 

Surf 4 Ecuador