Weezer at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York , Tari Bohnert



Creative Director & Consultant of Regenerative Cultural Programming 


Intermission educates urbanites through the sense of awe that is organically awakened when fully immersed into the playful parts of nature and builds awareness around the creativity that is ignited. 


Where wonder and nature meet the everyday drumbeat of urban living — sunrise, sunset and the rhythms of the earth will guide the Intermission ideology. 


The space will introduce the perplexities that happen within diverse topography layers exposing nature in a very new way.  An environment where nature will be the TEACHER! 


As an ever-changing exhibition, it is made up of four quarterly biomes that will begin January 2018.  Each biome will reflect an environment opposing the current climate of NYC.


Attendees will enter a multi-sensory reality the second they emerge into the space through smell, taste, sight, sound and touch they will be taken through a nature walk that becomes their open space and connection to the planet.



Intermission will take place within the Openhouse Event Space on the corner of Bowery and Kenmare.  A crossroads for SoHo, Chinatown, and the Lower East Side.  


Over 60,000 pedestrians stroll by daily and are moving rapidly between cars, noise and city activity.  Easily providing foot traffic and exposure. Yet providing an environment that is much in need of the pause of Intermission.


Openhouse is a partner and second location for Chinatown’s well known NOMWAH’S Dim Sum which will be open daily serving Intermission guests.  The kitchen will also be used by Intermission partners for a variety of private culinary pop-ups.


The expression will provide a plethora of year long cultural and adventure programming aligned with the different biomes and partner initiatives.


Programming within the venue will be dictated by daily sunset gatherings where New Yorkers will be empowered to stop, break and rejuvenate, inviting an Intermission into their day.  


The sunset as the key component will be streamed live and showcased daily, curated by digital artists uniting attendees into the global anima of stillness, reflection and sharing. 


Intermission will provide Eco-friendly and sustainability education programs including partner panels and sustainable influencers.



“… Nature will answer you truthfully if you ask your questions accurately, but she will give you dry facts just such as you ask for.  If you do not love for herself she will never take you to her heart.” -Opal Whitely, American Nature Writer and Educator




Jonathan Daou - OPENHOUSE

Wilson Tang - NOMWAH's DIP SUM