Cabo Wabo "Your Shot to Rock"


Sales Director at WRXP.  Tari Bohnert was the direct contact with client, she led the brainstorm, collaborated on ideas and oversaw multiple teams internally throughout the execution of the campaign. 



The agency Dog & A Duck came to 101.9 RXP with a national program for Cabo Wabo Tequila.  As a local partner, they needed help to drive sales over the summer in the New York tri-state area and brand Cabo Wabo as the Rock n Roll Tequila.  Sammy Hagar giving the brand an older stigma, they needed to find a fresh approach to build the relationship with a younger alcohol consumer among an A25-54 demographic. And a secondary initiative of having a major footprint during Cinco de Mayo! 



Bringing together the best creative minds internally, Tari Bohnet led the team that came up with a program searching for the next unsigned band for Cabo Wabo’s ‘Your Shot to Rock’.  Which was so beloved by the client, they dictated the duplication of the idea into their other national markets.


A strategic six month program and Cabo Wabo alignment, the station called out to the tri-state for the best emerging bands to enter to be one of the three competing bands over the course of the campaign to be reviewed and voted on by major industry reps, record labels, and listeners.  The program was broken out in three parts, from bands submissions, and a three month digital and onsite competition among three chosen bands. Along with a major listener engagement voting  system and post band promotion.  


The competition launched with a Cinco de Mayo call out party at the Hudson Terrace, and continued on through live performances at major concert venues throughout NY and NJ.  The winner was awarded free recording time at a major recording studio, major studio producer for their album, on-air recognition and national promotion via Cabo Wabo Tequila.
















Key new venue partnerships for Cabo Wabo Tequila and liquor sales.


Growth and awareness of an ongoing national program.


Sammy Hagar recognition and ongoing partnership between the brand and station. 


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