Radiolab on the Road with Brooklyn Brewery 


Tari Bohnert oversaw execution of Radiolab’s partnership and audience development for the Radiolab mobile app. 



Brooklyn Brewery wanted to use Radiolab as their main media partner to reach a very specific niche demographic that was 1- affluent and educated, 2- Would appreciate the content of the tour by being the culturally curious, vibrant, nerdy and cult affiliated audience that Radiolab acquired. And turn them into cult Brooklyn Brewery beer drinkers. 



An adventurous festival of emerging culture from neighborhoods across the US involving dinner parties, comedy, screenings, debates, art, and humanity's favorite beverage. 


Radiolab joined Brooklyn Brewery on the road to major cities across the US hosting a variety of culturally diverse events that identified with the cities local magnetism.   As part of the partnership, BK Brewery and Radiolab brought fans from the other cities home for a NYC event.  To promote on the road we did a VIP trip giveaway to NY for an experience with both Brooklyn Brewery and WNYC in the city. 


The tour began in Austin at SXSW, with a house on Rainey and a week of media events, local chef collaborations, backyard concerts, and a whole lot of Brooklyn Brewery drinking.  It continued to New Orleans, Nashville, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and home to New York. The tour included the Found Footage Comedy duo, celebrity comedian hosts, small intimate concerts with local bands, and private dinner parties with well known chefs and the conversation of Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. 














The affiliation drove sold out attendance to events in each city.


Brought a ‘niche’ image factor with alignment and Brooklyn Brewery’s apparent relationship with Radiolab and the public listener audience.


Brooklyn Brewery worked with Radiolab on future live events and experiential marketing campaigns. 

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