of or relating to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society.


of or relating to the arts and to intellectual achievements.



a person professionally engaged in the design of certain large constructions other than buildings and the like.


The deviser, maker, or creator of anything.



to plan, organize, or structure as an architect.


YOU + mE:

Working with brands, media & entertianment companies, art institutions, publications and artistic individuals to create a cultural weave of ideas, installations, events and global connections. 

Ideation & Creative Coaching

Helping pursue individual passions. We will work together to cultivate ideas on unique ways to bring individual passion and artistic approach to the world no matter how ambitious. The more ambitious the better. We will analyze, brainstorm and put together a strategic action plan giving you all the elements to make it real and sustainable. 

Business Development

Through a global looking glass: Development ideation and aligning the right partners with your brand or project. This umbrellas building audiences, prospecting, new business development, sponsorships, underwriting and finding creative funding for the purpose.

Relationships Abroad

Project managing and connecting your brand with relationships abroad.  We will plan, organize and build a customized social structure within international communities. Knowing and discovering local art scenes, venues, local causes, regional legalites and travel logistics I will oversee the initiation, planning and execution of the project's initiative. 


Curating experiences and managing projects led by cultural curiousity.  The stuff that warms a tastemaker's soul.  I will work with you on creating happenings that take on a new lifestyle dynamism through the influence of music, art, style, global diversity and social change. 




Leveraging relationships with influential members of the music, podcast, fashion, and entertainment industry and connecting them with brands and causes in organic ways to build impact among communities. 


Strategic Product Seeding

Copywriting & Editing

The artistry of storytelling.  A wordsmith for marketing campaigns, press releases & a variety of media content. 

The Color Wheel Project

The Color Wheel Project provides opportunities for global emerging artists and musicians through curated cultural projects, events and installations. By building canvases for artists all over the world we hope to inspire and educate artists of all mediums to create and spread social change. 


Tari Bohnert

considers herself a ‘cultural architect’. From the idea to the experience she has worked with a variety of cultural organizations and brands on idea strategy and production creating global connections through art, music and social change.  




Tel: 718.532.6037

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